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  You Are Not Alone

The Eagles / Glenn Frey / Don Henley
The Eagles

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  Attachment to the song

You Are Not Alone

C           G/B            Am    G/B
Say goodbye to all your pain and sorrow

Say goodbye to all those lonely nights

  Dm           F/C           G/B   G
Say goodbye to all your blue tomorrows

Now you're standing in the light

I know sometimes you feel so helpless
Sometimes you feel like you can't win
Sometimes you feel so isolated
You'll never have to feel that way again

F/C         C     G/B
You are not alone

You're not alone

Never thought I'd find the road to freedom
Never thought I'd see you smile again
Never thought I'd have the chance to tell you
That I will always be your friend

You are not alone
You're not alone

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