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  Wildwood Flover

Alvin P. Carter
Alvin P. Carter

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Wildwood Flover

           G                      D          G
1. Oh he promised to love me he promised to love
                            D        G
   to cherish me always all others above
                               C          G
   I woke from my dream and my idol was clay
                              D         G
   my passion for loving had vanished away.

2. Oh he taught me to love him he called me his flower
   a blossom to cheer him though life's weary hour
   but now he has gone and left me alone
   the wild flowers to weep and the wild birds to moan.

3. I'll dance and I'll sing and my life shall be gay
   I'll charm every heart in the crowd I survey
   though my heart now is breaking he never shall know
   how his name makes me tremble my pale cheeks to glow.

4. I'll dance and I'll sing and my life shall be gay
   I'll banish this weeping drive troubles away
   I'll live yet to see him regret this dark hour
   when he won and neglected this frail wildwood flower.

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