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Culture Beat
Culture Beat

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You Got Mniana nee samed Pleef You teep
You Cheicks likes so I Cheik is teas
Givr Know is Givr High Youřll livin is a Tramp
Hot is Eřthe ludis e me Think but a Train
Fush mu - fush mu Monro Track
Hot fee me the take me Fin - Tell me What a Lag
Tenderaly burn but a Gives more Warm
She me like a Dřrun burns Still smell Furn
Cheicks no more - is no more itřs a more Cord
To You On the Brig Word - do you need tř Pfot
Never Do I Like it At as  Down Wann Plass
Easy Ham tress My law am as Thass Prass
I Think if be me třsee Foule Trick
If Way Jail an the Keyses of See Would our Kaik
Limi - Livi Youre Fusion no more Swing
Quere Sin dela Press is - Anything.

Warm most Faith Canřt Anything My First
Pachee Gonna Balu - Baby Pegy che be First
Hold do Mose Gibl - Dely Mon is in the Frack
Bigi Wisi - bigi wis - High it From The Nack
He Than A Murphy - a Has Union
Swotch ye Naive, Swotch ye no More
Ione Niam Ione Got - each live is Trap
Money I can Make - Mud if Hurt make Match
Claver lou She Sa Go Way if all new all be Cabin
When we like A Flag, Halm Missme Be Hay Gwinn
Tell me what you Need - any need la Far Pfeed
He Me as A Bag, He me as a Pleef
Wonna Way - Wallo Day is Chicken Hide
I see you Five Fools That Files Side
Tell me What you Wannt and say you What a Pring
Quess From me King is - Anything.

R: Is there anything more I can do for you
   Should my hair be red or shall it be blue
   Is there anything more I can do for you
   Shall I let the green grass turn black for you
   If there's something more you want me to do
   Shall I hide no more my secrets to you
   Maybe then you'll see me through
   if there's something more - Yeah yeah yehi.

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